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New location, new horizons.

Hello & welcome, I’m Dave Morris and you’re InSafe Hands.

InSafe Hands is the term I’m using to introduce you to my safe style of massage, an extremely effective way to relieve stress and release tension.

Regarding massage, I have an announcement to make:

Very soon I will be opening my door at a new location for all those of you who have missed the soothing touch of my No Hands massage.

It has been a difficult 5 months for all of us, particularly as lockdown has prevented people from experiencing a caring, soothing massage, something so badly needed in times of stress.

Now, I am happy to say, From Friday 21st August I will be ready to offer a Covid-compliant massage in the treatment room at The Leading Edge Hair & Beauty salon in Hyde, a professional and vibrant business with an excellent reputation.

To keep you safe and comply with the current guidelines, I will be altering some of my treatments, so please watch out for a revised time & prices menu.

To book your appointment,

View my website:

You can email:

Call or text: 07719715325

Or you can contact:

The Leading Edge Hair & Beauty (Hyde)

61 Dowson Road, Hyde, Cheshire SK14 1QS

Call: 0161 368 9999


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